Where I am From

Where I am from

by Sabine


I am from leaky goggles

from uncomfortable swimsuits and long swim meet weekends.

I am from playing on the trampoline outside

and the springs that are close to giving up on us

from getting rug burn on the carpet and slipping on the hardwood floor.

I am from “get it done!”

from “It’s smiling at me!” and “Chop!”


I am from Out of My Mind

from Percy Jackson and Diary of A Wimpy kid.

I am from the keurig

from slow cooker meals and Sunday chicken.

I am from Apples to Apples

from Camp and Sorry.

I am from the rumbling washer

from the loud cabinets and the stubborn fridge door.


I am from unclimbable trees in the backyard

from Emma’s zipline and Carson’s swing.

I am from always putting the stamps upside down on the letters

from putting the forks in the wrong place on Thanksgiving and learning how to fold the napkins properly.


I am from the treehouse in my backyard

from the fort in the woods and the secret hideout

that could no longer be used.

I am from playing under the beanbag

from scaring my brother and hiding in the basement storage.

I am the upstairs hallway

where the pictures that make up my life hang on the old wall.

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